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Discover the latest fishing report from Ballistic Bass Fishing, your trusted source for fly fishing guide services in Florida. Stay ahead of the game with our comprehensive updates on fly fishing conditions, including insights on prime locations for wade fishing and the species that are biting. Whether you're a seasoned angler or new to the sport, our fishing report will provide valuable information to enhance your fly fishing experience in Florida's pristine waters. Stay tuned for regular updates and make the most of your fly fishing adventures with Ballistic Bass Fishing.

We get these questions often. What is the best month to fish in Jacksonville FL? What fish are biting in Jacksonville now? What is the best time to go fishing? Well, the best month to fish in Jacksonville, FL typically falls between April and November when the weather is milder and the fish are more active. During this period, anglers can expect a higher likelihood of successful fishing trips, reeling in a variety of species, including bass, redfish, trout, and more. Explore our fishing reports to discover firsthand accounts of our guests' thrilling experiences reeling in these incredible fish!

Ballistic Bass Fishing offers a range of fishing trip durations, allowing you to select between 4-hour and 8-hour excursions based on your preferred adventure and time spent on the water. Additionally, we provide a specialized 2-hour fly fishing lesson tailored for beginners, ensuring a comprehensive introduction to the art of fly fishing.

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