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Common Jacksonville Fish Species Questions

What fish are biting in Jacksonville Florida?

The freshwater fishing in Florida, particularly in Jacksonville is know to be excellent year round. With our relatively warm winters, water temperatures stay consistntly in the 70 degree range which is the ideal temperature to fish for Largemouth Bass. With Ballistic Bass Fishing and Captain Kieran Mooney's extensive knowledge of the local waters, you'll have the opportunity to target and reel in these prized fish species in one of the most rewarding ways possible, with a fly rod.

What fish are in season in Jacksonville Florida?

Jacksonville, Florida experiences different fish seasons throughout the year, offering anglers the chance to target specific species during peak times. Some notable fish that are commonly in season in Jacksonville include Largemouth Bass and Bluegill. With Ballistic Bass Fishing and Captain Kieran Mooney's expertise, you can plan your guided fishing trip to coincide with the optimal seasons for these fish, maximizing your chances of a successful and rewarding catch.

What lures are best for Jacksonville?

When fishing in Jacksonville, using a variety of lures can be effective in attracting different species. Here at Ballistic Bass Fishing we specialize in targetting Bass with fly fishing gear. The best flies to use for Bass fishing in Florida are Clousers, Woolly Buggers, Conehead Muddler minnows and a few more secret patterns we always keeep with us! With Ballistic Bass Fishing, Captain Kieran Mooney will provide guidance on selecting the best flies for the specific fishing conditions in Jacksonville, ensuring that you have the right arsenal to entice and hook your desired catch.

A Ballistic Bass Fishing Fishing Charter targets the top Jacksonville Fish species including Largemouth Bass and Bluegill. We primarily Fish the Blount Island Channel, Cedar Creek, Racy Point, Willis Point, Pier 68 Marina, Russells Point, Fish Creek, Rudder Club of Jacksonville Marina, Trout River, Saint Johns River.