Kieran Mooney

Meet Guide Kieran Mooney

Meet Captain Kieran Mooney and Ballistic Bass Fishing

Are you ready to embark on an unforgettable fishing adventure? Look no further than Captain Kieran Mooney, the ultimate fly fishing guide of Ballistic Bass Fishing in Jacksonville!

Captain Kieran Mooney is a seasoned angler and a true enthusiast when it comes to fly fishing. With a deep-rooted passion for the sport, his expertise shines through as he shares his extensive knowledge and guides fishing adventures with Ballistic Bass Fishing. His commitment to the art of fly fishing is evident in every trip, creating memorable experiences and instilling that same passion in all who have the pleasure of fishing with him.

"I have been an avid and ravenous fly fisherman for almost 30 years! I have caught thousands of fish on a fly rod! I am expert at giving fly fishing lessons! I am widely considered a champion caster! No one is known to get more excited about their clients success!"

Captain Kieran's expertise as a fly fishing guide extends beyond mere knowledge – it is a testament to his profound understanding and mastery of the craft. With years of experience in fly fishing, he has honed his skills in various techniques and approaches, including wade fishing, making him a versatile and sought-after guide in the realm of Florida fly fishing. Whether navigating the hidden waterways or casting in serene lakes, Captain Mooney's expertise ensures that every angler receives personalized guidance and invaluable insights, guaranteeing an exceptional fly fishing experience.

At Ballistic Bass Fishing, we ensure an unforgettable day on the water that will leave you yearning for more or never wanting to depart!

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